Giving back this season!

When I put out the word that I was looking to give back to a family that was in need of a Christmas gift this season,  I had no idea I was going to feel so emotionally attached to each and every story that I read.  I know that God is working in everyone’s life whether they know it or not and the reason they are going through these trials are unknown to us but I do know and trust that God has a reason!! There is no way that I can choose one family to give a special photography gift to, so this year with the help of my best friend Karla, we are going to treat all 4 families to a complete photography session with a very large print package.  Thanks to those special people who emailed me the stories, Jillian Morton, Abbey Goldin, Erin Shawver, and Hilary Barrett.  I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

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