Lilah Grace is 6 Months (Sneak Peeks)

Such a smiley little girl!! Lilah Grace made this super easy on me by being her little happy self through this entire photoshoot.  She watched her brother and sister the whole time, probably thinking.. Man I can’t wait till I can do those things! She is such a blessing.  Your full proofs will be ready shortly, thanks again for letting me come and capture her beauty!

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2 thoughts on “Lilah Grace is 6 Months (Sneak Peeks)

  1. Ginger such awesome work! I love all of them! You captured some wonderful moments of our special blessing! Looking forward to the rest! I especially love the ones in the blue tutu, it brought our her blue eyes! So cute 🙂

  2. Awww, thanks! I am glad you like them! There is so many good ones! The blue tutu is my fav along with the one where she is eating the bucket 🙂 I should have the rest done in the next couple of days!

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